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Raffles Istanbul

Raffles Istanbul is a hotel located in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul , Turkey and attracts attention with its magnificent architecture. Appealing to people who want to have a wonderful holiday experience, the hotel is also preferred for meetings and events. The hotel, which is part of Zorlu Center; It has views of the Bosphorus, the Old City and the Islands. Thanks to Raffles Istanbul , you can use the opportunities offered to you and get away from the stress of daily life.

A Fabulous Feast of Tastes in Special Restaurants

Offering many tastes to its guests with its restaurants, Raffles Istanbul makes it possible to access breakfast, lunch and dinner with special views. You can taste unique flavors in aesthetic and special areas such as Roka Restaurant, Lavinia Lounge, Private Dining Room.

Raffles Istanbul offers traditional Turkish delicacies thanks to experienced chefs. You can also enjoy afternoon tea in areas adorned with very special works of art. You can learn the culinary culture of many countries with the tastes of world cuisine. The hotel , which is a family hotel with aesthetic and comfortable elements, offers you much more than a holiday.

Aesthetic, Comfortable and Luxury Rooms

Raffles Istanbul , which has rooms where you can get what you want at the accommodation point , brings comfort and luxury together. You can choose from three types of accommodation: Residence, Suite and Classic Rooms. It is possible to enjoy the magnificent view in the rooms with Bosphorus view.

In addition, you can experience the unique view of both Anatolian and European continents. The rooms, which are decorated with luxury goods, make you feel the comfort deeply. You can have pleasant moments by reaching everything you need. The luxury hotel, which is a family-only hotel , also offers special areas for you to relax and have fun. You can stay in uniquely furnished suites with your loved ones and get away from the stress of daily life.

Fitness, Turkish Bath and SPA

Business people who have to stay in a hotel for a certain period of time for job interviews want to keep their form by doing fitness during this time. The Turkish bath and SPA also allow the person to relax and wake up the next day much more comfortably. Raffles Istanbul is a hotel that cares about the comfort of its guests. For this reason, the hotel facilities include SPA, fitness and Turkish bath.

You can exercise regularly and systematically in the fitness room, which is open between 07:00 and 22:00 every day. You can also attend the Aqua Gym classes held in the heated indoor pool. You can allow your body to relax thanks to the massages performed by expert therapists. The hotel, which is in the concept of a hotel for families and offers special massage services, provides massages with deep-rooted and innovative techniques.

3000 m massages done in an area, will make you feel much more comfortable with yourself. In addition, you can share the pleasure of a very special Turkish bath with 3 Turkish baths. You can live a healthy life during your stay.

Spacious and Spacious Halls for Magnificent Events

The hotel , which is included in the Islamic hotel concept, also provides magnificent events. You can organize your events such as weddings, engagements or business meetings in large and spacious halls. Food, decoration, photography, etc. carried out by a team of experts. You just have to decide what events you will organize in these areas.

The hotel, which offers you a very special holiday experience with its facilities and is in the category of hotel for families , allows you to reach much more than a holiday. It is possible to say that Raffles Istanbul is quite ideal if you want to be away from stress for a few days or if you wish to organize magnificent events. The hotel, which shares the history of Istanbul with its Bosphorus and land views, invites you to this partnership!


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